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THE CLIENTS, PROFIT & FUN COMPANY With an integrated network of more than 65 offices and 950 employees worldwide, we are the only French multinational mid-cap in the Freight Forwarding and Overseas Logistics sector. This unique positioning enables us to offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the same way as the industry giants, with the quality of service of a mid-cap (close customer relationships, tailor-made offers, creativity, responsiveness). Driven by a passion for our business and customer service, the expertise and enthusiasm of our teams, as well as our culture of winning and performance, we have been implementing our international deployment strategy since 1983. HIRE THE BEST & KEEP THE BEST This is the doctrine that inspires and fuels our entire HR policy, making the “sacred act “of recruitment a highly demanding process. The selection process is founded in our core values of “Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Integrity”, and the international dimension required by our position in the market and our culture. Finally, it contains all the elements that the best candidates are looking for: Autonomy and responsibility at all levels. Our Country Managers are genuine entrepreneurs. Direct, simple and effective reporting relationships. Variable compensation for all employees, based on the collective performance of their business unit. Regular assessment of internal satisfaction, with all employees given the chance to express themselves anonymously (the “Funometer”). A multicultural environment. Share ownership for executives and employees in countries where this is possible and appropriate. Our HR policy is part of our development strategy focused on growth, expanding our network and our offer, and profitability. It is based on a strong corporate culture symbolised by our motto: “Clients, Profit & Fun”.
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